Sensitivity in Tooth

I am sensitive and it HURTS like hell – A patient in trouble

When Dentin layer of Tooth gets exposed, it could result in sensitivity. There are quite a number of reasons due to which this could happen.

Few choices which are related to Lifestyle

  • Excessive use of Mouthwash affects the tooth due to harmful chemicals in them
  • Excessive consumption of Acidic food/beverages
  • Brushing using hard toothbrush
  • Using wrong toothpaste
  • Excessive use of home remedies for Tooth Whiteners
  • Tooth Grinding during sleep

Few choices related to Dental health

  • Sinus pressure can sometimes cause temporary sensitivity
  • Gum/Periodontal disease are one of the primary cause of sensitivity
  • Cavity in tooth can grow deep into the tooth
  • Cracked tooth due to unforeseen trauma can result in sensitivity
  • Decay in tooth due to excessive bacterial formation

Prevention and Solutions